Texture Names

The files names for rendered bake elements are specified in the Bake Elements window.

If an unwrap group has a name assigned that name is used as a prefix for the actual texture name to prevent multiple successive render jobs with the same bake elements from overwriting each other’s results. If no name is specified the unwrap group will not receive any prefix even though the name ‘unnamed’ is shown in the user interface.

Depending on the used settings in Flatiron those names might automatically be modified with number to distinguish between different but related maps:

If the group of objects is not baked into a single texture but distributed across multiple maps the files receive incremental numbers identifying those individual maps. For example: If CompleteMap.png is rendered for a group of objects that is distributed across three maps the resulting files will have the names CompleteMap_0.png, CompleteMap_1.png and CompleteMap_2.png.

If a range of frames is rendered the resulting textures will receive a 4-digit frame identifier. For example: If CompleteMap.png is rendered for the frames 102-104 the resulting files will have the names CompleteMap_0102.png, CompleteMap_0103.png and CompleteMap_0104.png.

Both options can be combined. Rendering CompleteMap.png for a group distributed over 2 maps for the frames 56-57 will result in the file names CompleteMap_0_0056.png, CompleteMap_0_0057.png, CompleteMap_1_0056.png and CompleteMap_1_0057.png.